Special Offer

  • FREE BAG on first Pick Up & Delivery
  • $10 OFF on Second Pick Up & Delivery

How It Works

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Step 1: Schedule

Creating a pickup and delivery order has never been easier. Mr. Cleaners has tailored to all with our diverse booking tools. Below are the different booking accommodations, most preferred being our APP!

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Step 2: Pick Up

Mr. Cleaners will provide you with a FREE heavy duty Mr. Cleaners laundry bag on your first PICK UP & DELIVERY to help organize your clothes! From there, the Laundry Valet will arrive at your home in the one-hour time slot you selected; ex: between 6-7pm. You will know when the Valet is on their way because a text message will be sent several minutes upon arrival. When your doorbell rings, just leave your bag right outside of your door and you’re all done!

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Step 3: Clean

When you schedule your PICK UP & DELIVERY you will also be able to select your preferences on how you would like your clothes to be washed. From soaps and softeners to dryer heat temperature! We will clean and package your clothes like a Birthday present. A text message will be sent to you when your clothes are cleaned with your bags weight and price!

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Step 4: Delivery

Schedule your one-hour time slot for DELIVERY and Mr. Cleaners laundry valet will be on the way! A text message will be sent with an estimated time of arrival and the GPS reading of your Laundry Valet so you could track your laundries location!

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Step 5: Payments

No monthly or hidden fees! Simply pay per pound like any laundromat you have attended. Store your credit card in the app using our secure integration and just like amazon or grubhub, your payment will be processed from there. Seamless! Cash payments accepted.


Thanks to our automated texting, you will receive communication every step of the way! This communication consists of 3 text messages. You will receive a text message when the laundry valet is on the way for your pick up, allowing you enough time to get your clothes packed. You will receive a text message when your laundry is weighed and cleaned with the total amount. And the third and final text message will be received when the laundry valet is on the way to deliver your laundry during the one hour time slot of your choice. For any additional communication, our customer support phone number is (917) 526-2625.